The La Moselle necklace celebrates the enchanting sight of red roses blooming amongst the grape vines in sun-dappled vineyards in the Stenzhorn family's cherished home in the Moselle Valley in southwest Germany.

Planting roses amongst the vines has been practised here for centuries. The noble roses are steadfast guardians as they are more sensitive to changes in weather and soil conditions, signalling to farmers that the vines require their care. 

The sight of roses in full bloom, nestled in the shade of vine leaves, is a cherished memory of the Stenzhorn family's idyllic childhood summers on the banks of the Moselle River. Stenzhorn’s master artisans, using deep red rubies and dazzling diamonds, have meticulously recreated this precious memory. 

The La Moselle necklace, a testament to Stenzhorn's unique craftsmanship, is a high-jewellery floral masterpiece. It follows a long-standing tradition of creating one-of-a-kind necklaces adorned with two colours of gemstones.  A white gold tendril, set with shimmering white diamonds, elegantly wraps around the neck, mirroring the sinuous form of the young vines. From the vine's tips, two tender new leaves unfurl, their delicate grace accentuated by a seamless pavé of diamonds. Draped along the vine, clusters of glossy rubies represent the grapes, so temptingly ripe that you can almost smell their sweet juice. 

At the heart of the necklace are two spectacular roses in full bloom crafted from dozens of deep red rubies. The rubies are invisibly set to create a smooth finish with no metal visible. The jewel captures the lightness of a petal swaying in a summer breeze, and the stamen and pistils are cleverly represented with brilliant and marquise-cut diamonds, adding a touch of brilliance to the piece. 

Stenzhorn relies on its highly dedicated team of professionals to achieve such fluid motion and graceful ease, perfectly synchronised in its state-of-the-art, vertically integrated production centre. Founder Klaus Stenzhorn's vision for the firm is clear:

"Stenzhorn is renowned for its innovative approach to the craft, the unwavering commitment to excellence, and daring designs that push the boundaries of high-end jewellery."   

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