filigree diamond earring with leaf design made of 18k white gild, Stenzhorn Jewellery
AMALFI All Diamond Earrings

AMALFI All Diamond Earrings


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Crafted with 18k white gold, this earring features a delicate leaf design that adds a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your ensemble.

The highlight of this exquisite earring is the approximately 1.66 carats of sparkling diamonds. These brilliant stones are carefully set to enhance their natural radiance, creating a captivating display of light and brilliance.

The light and filigree design of the Amalfi Diamond Earring adds a graceful and airy feel to the piece, making it perfect for both formal occasions and everyday wear. The pin with clip lock ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to confidently showcase this stunning earring.

With its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship, the Amalfi Diamond Earring is a true statement piece that will elevate any outfit.

Size: 42 x 12 mm