FLORAL Watch, Sunrise
FLORAL Watch, Sunrise
FLORAL Watch, Sunrise
FLORAL Watch, Sunrise

FLORAL Watch, Sunrise


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Introducing the Floral Watch Sunrise, where flawlessly crafted petals reveal nature's treasure in the most enchanting way.

This watch is a perfect blend of Stenzhorn's iconic gem-laden blooms and exquisite craftsmanship.

Inspired by the renowned Floral collections, the Floral watch takes beauty to new heights with its soft invisibly set ruby petals and sparkling diamonds.

Each petal and diamond is meticulously placed, resulting in a stunning and unique piece that is sure to turn heads. These intricately designed petals create a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect, truly setting this timepiece apart.

Like glistening drops of dew on a summer morning, brilliant diamonds elegantly punctuate the diamond bezel surround, adding a touch of charm and romance to this watch.


This watch is available with Quartz Movement

Movements:   Swiss – ETA976.001 Quartz

Size:   Diameter 39mm, Height 14 mm

Glass:  Sapphire Glass

Crown:  4.5 mm 

Strap:  12/10 mm Leather, Silk or Diamond available

Water resistant